Low Back Pain Prevention: Orthopedic Carrollton

by Administrator 19. June 2015 04:38

Low back pain is a common problem and can be characterized by symptoms like muscle ache in the lower back, limited range of motion, less flexibility and inability to stand straight. The causes of low back pain include muscle strain, ruptured disc, skeletal irregularities and medical conditions like Arthritis etc.

Here are some tips that can help in prevention of lower back pain:

  • Exercises: Exercising regularly can help in strengthening the muscles of the lower back. It can help in increasing flexibility in the muscles by keeping them in motion. Exercising can also help in decreasing muscle tension.
  • Weight management: Being overweight causes strain on the lower back muscles and leads to pain and stiffness.
  • Sleeping position: Paying attention to the sleeping position can help in reducing the risk of lower back pain. Sleeping on the back can overstrain the muscles of lower back. Therefore, it is advisable to sleep on the sides and not on the back or stomach. Using the right mattresses can also help in providing support to the muscles and reduce pressure on the back.  Putting a pillow under the knees while sleeping can also help in providing support to the back and prevent lower back pain.
  • Proper posture: Maintaining proper posture while sitting and standing can reduce tension in muscles of lower back. Paying attention to the type of chair and comfort that it provides can help in prevention of sprains and strains in muscles of the lower back. Standing upright and keeping the spinal cord in a straight position can remove pressure from the back muscles.
  • Careful lifting: Taking precautions while lifting heavy things can reduce the chances of sprains and strains in the lower back. It is suggested not to bend the back while lifting heavy objects. Instead, bending the knees and squatting can be helpful to avoid putting pressure on the back.
  • Proper shoes: Wearing proper fitted shoes can help in reducing pressure from the muscles of the lower back. High heels can shift the center of the weight and lead to overstraining the heels which can create tension the lower back. It is advised to wear flat or low heeled shoes that provide proper support in order to prevent back pain.

These tips can help in the prevention of back pain. However, in cases of lower back pain, it is advised to consult an orthopedic doctor for proper treatment and diagnosis.

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